new colors according to Aloha Rag

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  1. According to Aloha Rag these are the new colors. I am very curious of the antique blue, grey beige, and turqoise...does anyone know where i can see color swatches!? also, is the leather supposed to be different for these pre-collection bags? thank you!

    Pre-Collection/ End of June- End of August

    SAPIN/Dark Green
    BLEU ROI/Antique Blue
    GREIGE/Grey Beige

    Main Collection Additional Colors/ Mid of August – End of October

    MARRON/Dark Brown
    BLEU INDIA/Turquoise
  2. whoah! THANKS! I love the blue-grey......i think i'll wait for the blue-grey rather than get a cornflower blue. for some reason, i think alot of cornflower blue leather is waxy and veiny. hopefully the newer colors will have nicer leather.
  3. Wow, they're calling Blue India as "turquoise"? :blink:
  4. i know! i think balenciaga wants to confuse everyone with their wacky color names that don't make much sense! :blink:
  5. This sounds very promising to me actually :love: Uhhhh can't waiittt!!! Too bad blue india is their winter collection :sad:
  6. Oh my god, i'm getting excited. today is the warmest day yet and i'm already excited for fall!
  7. oh this waiting is kinda killing me!!! i want to see the BAGS in these colours!!!
  8. LOL!! i feel ya!! :yes:
  9. Just wondering - does anyone see a big difference between the camel and this season's cognac?
  10. im gonna need to get me that rouge :graucho:
  11. i love the rouge and the grenat!!
  12. is the blue india = blue gray?
  13. Blue India is blue grey, but it also looks close to turquoise in the sample photo. BRING ON THE FALL!!! (Photo from ateliernaff's site)
    Blue India Bbagjpg.jpg
  14. india and grenat are my picks :smile:

    is the bag pictured above a city? for some reason it looks a slightly smaller city compared to the other city photos from LP's web site? maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me :blink: