New 'colored' Shuffle

  1. Adorable!
  2. Very cute!
  3. those ba*&$rds ! i just got one last week! i wouldve waited for a pink one!!
  4. i have zero use for it (way too much music)...but i want the pink!
  5. they're sooo shiny and like candy! i think i want one.. (but i already have the video)
  6. haha, me too! :biggrin:
  7. Ain't it typical!:lol:

  8. Me too, my 30 is packed, ready to urgrade...but that pick is just so cute!
  9. I want a red one.
  10. cue I want the blue one
  11. gahh, i wish they would make a video with the colored aluminum cases!
  12. i upgraded my 30 to the 80 very recently- and that one is completely full. :wtf:
  13. mmm i like my videos screen. bleh.