new colored ipods and movies and vid games available

  1. I love my mac!

    Just announced today - new ipod nanos in blue, silver, green, pink, black- and now you can watch movies and play cool games on them like Tetris and Pac man!

    I don't know if I would pay 9.99 for a movie though, but I am serioiusly debating downloading pacman!

    (oh, also an update to itunes- itunes 7. You need that to watch the movies).

  2. My ipods personalised...but now i'm going crazy about tese coloured nanos! Maybe I shouldnt have spent so much money on mine! :sad:

    Theyre so cute though...
  3. Thats such good news! My pink i-pod mini died on me, and I've been putting off getting a new nano as I'm sick of seeing black and white i-pods. I'm really pleased that theres now going to be some nice colourful ones around again. Thanks for the update!
  4. Oh no! Why do they have to tempt us with more products? :confused1:

    I love my white nano to death, it's always with me, in the car, in the purse, everywhere.

    I should've not bought the 30 GB video, damn.. if I knew the coloured nanos will come out! :sad:
  5. Ohhh really new colors!!!! I was actually planning to buy a nano soon! Yeah, I think I might the colored ones, and just wait! Cool, when are they out?
  6. Ooooh, hot! my 40 gig iPod has started to be a bit unstable, so maybe I should wish for a new one for christmas, but I can't decide between the fuschia one that matches my cell phone or the grey one that matches my powerbook :love:
  7. it seems like the nano got a more mini ipod look. This is kind of depressing because I bought my nano only a few months ago when they just had black and white.:sad:
  8. FINALLY! I've been waiting all damn year for them to make a nano that has more then a 1000 songs! I like the black.
  9. I gave up on ipods long ago... but wow, a flash player with 8GB of storage space? And pretty colors? Even though I already have a couple mp3 players, I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the nano in pink!
  10. darrrrrrrrrrrrn
    i just got the white nano!!!
  11. 80gb ipods :yahoo: finally!!!!
  12. Same!! I still have a video Ipod but I put off getting a nano because I wanted them to release colors. I had a blue ipod mini that I loved but it died. :sad: I'm so excited to hear about these!! :nuts:
  13. I still have my pink ipod mini that I bought when minis first came out. I swear, I can't kill this thing. I listen to it 5 days a week for eight hours a day while I'm at work, and it still has an 8 hr battery life. I have no complaints!

    The new nanos are pretty, but I can't bring myself to replace my perfectly working mini!

  14. I know how you feel. I have a silver ipod mini, and the poor thing has been dropped on several occasions. I play it every day, and it just keeps going and going.

    I love it dearly. I suppose when it goes I will get a new one, but meanwhile, my mini keeps on running.

    I might get the new ipod shuffle though, it's so tiny and it may be perfect for the gym. I might ask Santa to bring that to me! :yes:
  15. of course NOW there's a pink one since i broke down and bought one already. blargh.

    oh well. what i really need is a pink CASE. that's all you see anyway. i just can't find one i like.