New Color?

  1. Hi,
    I'm from Italy and I speack engllish so and so :smile::smile:

    this color (blue ) is new ?

    Help me


    Federica twiggy.jpg
  2. I would guess it the 2005 Turquoise color. Is it yours?
  3. Turquoise 05 looks greener than this. French Blue? Or perhaps the 08 electric blue (but it would be too early)?
  4. Enlarging the pic so we can all get a better look at it!

    Whatever it is, it's gorgeous! I agree w/south-of-france, 05 turq is greener than this bag. 07 french blue is darker than this. If this is the 08 electric blue, I may be wanting my first blue handbag!
  5. Well, electric blue was my first thought as well! That's why I asked if it belongs to her (in which case it can't be electric blue).

    I love electric blue if that's it!!
  6. Oh well, if this is the new Electric Blue, then I have to continue on my search on 05 Turq
  7. Yummy color... here's to hoping is '08 EB. :drinkup:
  8. I think my guess is so off :greengrin: Cornflower in light..after seeing TPFer 'From Paris' pic of her CF first..
  9. i think CF cant be this bright and rich blue
    really wish it is EB
  10. would be nice to see other pics to make sure we're all drooling over an authentic b-bag too!
  11. Could it be 07 Aquamarine in a 'weird' light?? Or French Blue in a 'weird' light?? :drool:
  12. looks like 05 Turq in odd light to me.