New Color Violet

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  1. link not working :smile:
  2. not sure why the link isn't working but i'm putting up a pic of the color
  3. I've also seen Natasha and Percy in this color, but not Ukita... I think it will be available soon.
    I wonder how does this color look IRL. When I first saw Violet, I thought it was too bright, but in this (^) picture it seems a bit darker, and I like it this way.
  4. Hi all! This is somewhat o/t,but related to MbMJ colors. Does MbMJ come out with new colors for every season? I REALLLLLLY want a baby Aidan, but I'm unsure about the Cinnamon Stick color. If more colors are coming out for winter, I may just hold out for a darker brown.

    Thanks! I already have Totally Turnlock Helena in Hot Chocolate (not really chocolate though...more greige)
  5. Hi, PomeGrenade!
    Yes, MBMJ comes out with new colors every season. If you want a darker brown, you may like the Carob Brown or check eBay for colors like Espresso or Fudge... Now there's only a Metallic Chocolate Aidan there, but I'm not sure you're into metallic colors.
    BTW, the moment I saw Baby Aidan in Cinnamon Stick, I fell for it - I think it's an ideal combo! I'll probably get it on sale if I have a chance. :smile:

  6. i found a ukita in violet at ssense and it's shipped, i'll be sure to post pics once i get it!
  7. I love the violet color, I was going to get the Hillier from Bloomies, but I would like it better with silver hardware. Looks to be a real pretty color though!
  8. VIOLET is stunning!!! Please post pics when you get it :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Thanks Kate! Yes, I've seen it in person too, and I'm still unsure! I've checked ebay and no luck yet. Also, my husband wants to buy me a bag for my birthday (Nov 30), and I know he would be uncomfortable buying from ebay. Do you happen to know what date MbMJ will be introducing the winter colors?

    I had been wanting a darker colored bag, just because they hold up better. Also, the stitching where the straps meet the bag seem more obvious on the lighter colors,and I'm not sure if I like that. I may still get the Cinnamon Stick,but I need to think on it!
  10. What about the Carob Brown? It's a new fall color, and it must be available everywhere along with the Cinnamon Stick... Have you seen it in person?
  11. I haven't seen the Baby Aidan in Carob Brown. I've seen it in black and CS at Bloomie's, and black at NM and Zappo's. I have seen the Carob Brown color, and it's a bit too "black cherry" colored for me.I know I seem picky, but I don't spend very much money on bags and this bags will probably be my everyday bag for about a year, so I want to love it!
  12. what a pretty color!