New color -signature stripe satchel

  1. I purchased the signature stripe satchel in parchment during the PCE. When I tried to look it up on the drilldown, I found this color. Does anyone know when or if this color will be available. It looks like a chocolate and bronze. Thanks for any info.

  2. i saw both chocolate and bronze at the coach store at columbus circle or macys... cant remember which
  3. Ooh, that's really pretty!
  4. It's available now. If your bag is still new w/ tags still on you should exchange it.
  5. I just got it and absolutely love it...Hope you get one, my SA states they were low in stock so I would call now:yes:
  6. oooh, looks yummy!
  7. Pretty, pretty!
  8. I totally wish I would've seen the satchel in that color combo, but I got the tote instead.

    No biggie.

    It's GORGEOUS though, you should get it!
  9. Ooo!!!! I LOVE it. Thanks for giving me another bag to obsess over!!!! ;) Yeah, looks like chocolate and bronze. I think that is one AMAZING bag!!!!
  10. I've seen the totes in this color combo, but not the satchels. It's gorgeous! I also really like the new black/gunmetal combo and it would look stunning on this bag!! Yummy!
  11. Ohh...looks yummy!
  12. Yes, that is the brown/bronze combo and would probably have to be ordered. I haven't seen any in stores.
  13. OMG! I was planning onto get this satchel also, well my mom might get it for me! But do they have it in gold/khaki? Cuz I love gold and i do love the khaki brown also.
  14. i've seen it in khaki/ gold
    which looks amazing too
    did it come in black/ gunmetal?
  15. very cute!