New color in.

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  1. Has anyone seen the red paddy color IRL? What category of red does it fall in, tomato, blue red or what?
  2. I saw a cute baby paddy in new fall 06 red colour a week ago and I loved it, in the lightning I saw it it looked like a basic bright red, I mean like lipstick / strawberry red. But they have a bit weird lightning here in the store so it might have affected somehow..?
  3. I saw the medium rouge paddy at my local Nordstrom. IA -- it looked lipstick red. It's was gorgeous!
  4. Bright lipstick red. Need sunglasses kind of bright red.
  5. DH says it's Corvette Red!! :nuts:
  6. Yes, it's a perfect bright lipstick red or corvette red! It's so gorgeous!! :love: If you weren't thinking of getting a red bag and saw it, you would definitely want one ;)