New color in Fall 06 collection?

  1. My SA called me saying she has a new color coming in and the name on the neiman tag is called "yellow Ochra(spelling?)" which is not that orangy like S/S 06 Rouille. I checked on Atelier but can't find this name. Does anyone know about it? The most close color on the swatch I can see is called Camel. I am soo lost here....:crybaby:
  2. Yellow ochre? Sounds like camel... unless (gasp) there's going to be a yellow balenciaga out (!!!!!)

  3. It would be fun if Balenciaga would keep us guessing and release colors we aren't expecting.

    But in this case, it's probably just camel.
  4. Yeah ... the Fall '06 Camel color has more of a yellow cast to it than the Spring '06 Cognac (which many folks also referred to as Camel - confused yet?!?!). So, that's what she was probably referring to ...

    I WISH it was Yellow ... I'm still in the hunt for the ANIS (I have the Mustard) ...
  5. CeeJay, I dont think it is camel from the pic I got. Here is the cell phone shot I got from her. Looks like fire engine red for me cuz she said that is definitely not Rouille in S/S 06. Hmm..another mystery,
  6. Looks coral to me.
  7. That is bizarre - yellow ochre? That certainly looks red.
  8. sounds like someone may have mixed up tags. your pix is definitely in red family...:shrugs:
  9. 0o0o0o yeah the guessing is SO much fun!!! hehehe!
  10. yellow ochre? i would kill for a yellow ochre colored bag!!! yellow ochre is like mustard w/ a little more brown (according to my paints at least) soo.... cool! i'm gonna ask about that @ AR soon!
  11. When I bought my Rouille from NM in March, it came with a tag that said "Yellow Ochre".

  12. I still have the tags... It looks something like:

    (Some tag code)

    I tried to take a picture of it but my camera's resolution is too low.

    What a mystery!!
  13. Let's call BAL NY and ask Terry :o
  14. Surely you jest gloss_gal.:blink:
  15. Hee hee :roflmfao: You crack me up glossgirl!

    Seriously though, that's not a bad idea. I wonder what they'd say if I asked for "anyone other than Terry..."