New color in Birkins

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  1. Do any one can help me with the birkin,
    My sister just got it with the color is Blue Nuit - Rose Pourpre, it is really nice, is it the new color ? I’ve never seen it before.
    8E759A8F-0A80-4346-BB69-1AAC855F1BDC.jpeg 89E27611-EABE-45D6-8F1F-63A7CAD62665.jpeg
  2. Verso collection
  3. This is my personal favourite out of the Verso collection. Congratulations to your sister!
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  4. That's a gorgeous combination. I love both colors separately. But together, they're magical.
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  5. The verso is gorgeous... I'm not sure that it's new since the colors have been out for a while but this bag is certainly HTF! Congrats to your sister!
  6. Wow! Love it!
  7. Congrats on the lovely B! Colors are not very new, around ~2016-ish, give or take a season. Very beautiful B!
  8. Wow. Very classy and timeless.
  9. Beautiful
  10. I love the Hermes is doing Verso bags... looking inside my bag and seeing color is so refreshing!
    Congrats, that is a special one!!!
  11. This is my absolut dream bag. Does someone know, if hermes is doing this in size 35?
  12. Twins with your sister! I have this same B and love it! As @Israeli_Flava mentioned above, it's so much fun to see the contrast color inside - and I'm one of "those women" who keeps her B locked up most of the time, so it's almost like a secret surprise every time I open her! :hbeat:
  13. Very beautiful, enjoy!!
  14. Yes dear.
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  15. I just went to your instagram and wow! I noticed your bio though, is it a play on Emily's tag line from rhoc?! Fellow housewives fan?

    Also, stunning colors!