new color for the MbyMJ turnlocks

  1. has anyone seen the new color? carbon blue...i've only seen it in the teri tote (at saks) and the tina (at zappos), but it looks soooo gorgeous! i've actually been a little turned off by the turnlock line (after ordering 2 hobos and having to return each for defects, i'm grouchy :yucky: )....but this color is so purty that i had to share. it's actually making me reconsider......

  2. Those bags are the same color?! :weird: Haven't seen IRL but I like it, esp if it's lighter (like in the first pic). I can't believe you got two defective ones, I realize MbyMJ is like MJ's Old Navy (i.e., downscale quality and casual designs) but that is really weak.
  3. Yes, I saw Carbon Blue Bowler & Teri Shoulder Bag (not sure about this style name) at Saks South Coast Plaza a few days ago.

    Sorry to hear about the defects, let us know if you might reconsider. =)
  4. OMG! That color is GORGEOUS!!!

    bag.lover - do you recall what shade it was closer to? I would love it if it was like the second pic!
  5. The quality of MbyMJ bag is AMAZING. True, it may not be as nice as the main line but it's still better than most "cheaper" leather bags. I have yet to find an uneven stitch on any of my MbyMJ bags and a lot of the leather ones are made from "fine italian leather".

    shoppingsmycard - what were the defects on your two turnlock bags and where did you order it from?
  6. Jen, Carbon Blue is not as dark as the 2nd pic in real life. I look at so many bags that night that I can't remember it clearly. The color is probably in the middle of those two pictures (not as light & not as dark).
  7. The Collection (main line) items sometimes have manufacturing defects too.
  8. you know, i just think the hobo wasn't meant to be. on the first one, the two front pockets weren't of equal size, so one of them gaped wide open while the other laid flat against the bag (as it's supposed to). so, i returned it to Saks and had them reorder for me. the second one came, and the hide was so dramatically different from one side of the bag (completely smooth) to the other (more pebbled any bag i own) that i just wasn't happy. i'm really, really picky (bordering on OCD) about my bags, and i just knew it was something that would bother me. so, i ended up buying a black gerard darel 'charlotte' for now.

    i know, i can't believe those two pics are the same color either - crazy. but i'm hoping it's the color of the teri tote, which i loved already :smile: of course, now that the Saks F&F is on, maybe i'll just hold out & get the hudson :wlae:
  9. I saw it today at Saks. they had it in the bowler and the satchel. it's a beautiful color, but i dont wear blue. If i had blue eyes, i'd buy i tin a second.
  10. Ohhh! Pretty color! I'd love to see this IRL.