New color for Montaigne bag

  1. In my search for the pink Montaigne, I've called various BV boutiques in different countries.

    The boutique in Paris told me that they have some new colors for the Montaigne bag for fall/winter: there's a red, and a color which is between orange and pink (peach?). He said it's difficult to describe, but looks great.

    I'm really eager to see how the colors really look. Has anyone seen those colors IRL? Can someone show some pics here? Have already started to drool over them even without seeing...:drool:
  2. I don't have a pic but I believe there was a red Montaigne in the window of the san fran store a few days ago...I was drooling!
  3. Finally I got the pics of the new color from the BV boutique in Switzerland! Really good service! The colors look great, especially the salmon one. I post them here for a preview for all the BV lovers. I'm now start a new round of struggle: should I buy the pink Montaigne or the salmon one? [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Gorgeous! All of them... :drool:
  5. Sorry, seems that the previous post has a bit format problem, am trying again here:

    Please find below the new colors for Montaigne: salmon and red. I'm now wondering if I should still get a pink Montaigne or simply go for the new salmon color:drool:


  6. I looove the salmon color.
  7. Wow, these new colors are as beautiful as every other seasonal color BV has ever made! I´m no help when it comes to chosing one for the Montaigne though, they`re simply all too gorgeous to pass!
  8. I am so trying to resist buying the Carmino (red) Montaigne. These photos don't make it any easier for me. I've already contacted Ana about it and she says the red is available in the US. I don't know about the other colors.
  9. Yep, BV is making our life more and more difficult with choices.

    I have listed both the pink and red color on my bag wishlist, therefore the fact that the Montaigne comes up with both colors in a wonderful shade has made my choice so much more difficult! I wish I could buy as much BV bag as possible! :crybaby:

    Both colors are available in Paris and Swiss boutiques. I guess the salmon color should be a hit for this autumb/winter as well. Therefore US should have it.
  10. is that the red/carmino?
    looks like a dark pink to me... but i am loving it.....
    i smell trouble.....
    thanks for the picture
  11. Really nice colors, hope you get one of those beauties soon...
  12. Saw the salmon and red color at the Manhattan 5th Ave boutique the other day. They are GORGEOUS. They had a large veneta in the red color that I am lusting after.
  13. Thanks for posting these pictures, the colors are beautiful! What is the color of the right most Montaigne?

    Salmon is gorgeous.
  14. A carmino that will break any semblence of a purse ban I may have imposed after my last purchase! And the salmon color (scala?) is too beautiful! Thanks for the fantastic pictures, gemibebe!
  15. that red is amazing!