new color for Jimmy Choo Riki: c'mon Dijon view!

  1. It's called "Dijon"! :p

    This color is a surprise to me. It just popped up on JC didn't feature it in their S/S 07 catalogue.

    Wonder if the Ramona comes in this color too?

    JC Riki in Dijon.jpg
  2. cute!!!
  3. I love it!
  4. Ahhh!! I really wish I didn't see that bag. It's gorgeous! I can only dream about it *sigh*.
  5. Kinda warms up a COLD winter day, doesn't it?
  6. WOW!
    Thanks for posting the picture Cosmo. =)
  7. :heart: Love it and I am not a fan of yellow
  8. I love it too! :love:
  9. Nice vibrant color!
  10. I couldn't live with the color but I have been lusting over that bag for months!!
  11. love it!
    JC bags rock!
  12. I'm not normally a fan of this type of yellow, but it looks great on this bag!
  13. omg, i love it. never really fancied the riki...but in this color, wow!
  14. ^^^Me either, but this yellow looks sort of "wearable."
  15. Nice! Looks like the color of a shirt I just purchased from JCrew called saffron! So summery!