new color for Ferragamo's Marissa bag

  1. Check out the new color, cranberry.:love: What do you think?

  2. me likey!
  3. I have been looking at the Marrisa bags for a while now, thinking about buying one. I love ths color, it is beautiful.
  4. Hey Kat: I've owned the Marissa in black for a while now, but I am LOVING this new cranberry color. I have seen it IRL and it's gorgeous; a nice deep, sophisticated red wine sort of color.
  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!
  6. That is a great color for that bag! Are there any other new colors?
  7. I :heart: the color!
  8. I too have been admiring this bag for a while. I may get it next month! (Fingers crossed!)
  9. i like the color.. i like the bag.. so pretty..
  10. I love this bag.

    Where can you get it?

    Go for it.
  11. Lovely, yummy !!:nuts: :nuts:
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