New Color Combos for Matinee?

  1. I have fallen hard for the Matinee and am perilously close to pre-ordering the Jade. But before I do, I want to make sure I'm aware of all the new colors. I've seen several colors from past seasons that I would love to have but I don't like those tassels at all. Is there some place you guys can point me to that will give me all the new colors with the RM hardware instead of the tassels? TIA! :flowers:
  2. No one? No one knows what all the spring/summer colors are for the Matinee. I saw a pic of a Tangerine Matinee in the TPF interview but I can't seem to find it anywhere to buy or pre-order.
  3. Off the top of my head, I remember jade, tangerine, lavendar, whitewash/rosegold, violet/lavendar, ruby/white dot, gold/white dot, cream/white patent, ocean/cobalt, midnight/pewter, onyx/charcoal
  4. If you look on RM website and view "the collection" she only shows one new matinee in ruby. I think the lunaboston website has the most matinees in new colors.
  5. Pics from Label360:


  6. *GASP* An ocean/cobalt matinee?!?! When is that going to come out? That might be the color combo that makes me NEED a matinee!
  7. I didn't see a tangerine in the Label360 does that just mean they won't be getting it? I'm thinking I like jade, tangerine and onyx/charcoal...but I haven't seen either of the latter available. Since violet is already out and jade ships in April, do they stagger the release of the colors?
  8. Different boutiques get different styles/colors. Label360 did get the tangerine, but I believe they may have sold out of it as a preorder. I'm not sure about the staggered release of colors....GUNG?
  9. probably has the biggest selection of Matinees. They have gold, violet & red up. Delcina has jade as a preorder.
  10. More from Brittany at Label 360:

    Closeup of the Ocean/Cobalt:

  11. Ok - I thought I loved the Jade Matinee, but I think I much prefer the Jade/Cream Matinee. I wonder if the Cream is suede, metallic, or normal leather?
  12. Darn, guess that's what happens when you jump on the RM bandwagon late. I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open....I think of all the colors the Tangerine Matinee would go best with my wardrobe.