New color combinations for stripe collection.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I LOVE these color combos!!!
  3. the colors are gorgeous...but i'm still not fond of the monogramming. maybe it'll grow on me?
  4. I love the black with silver, I would NOT get it monogram. I'm thinking hard about it along with the matching make-up case!:yes:
  5. The smaller accessories look okay. I am just net feeling the stripe on the bigger bags, especially with a monogram.
  6. Totally TDF! I love them!
  7. I love the silver on black..gorgeous! Is that from the new catalog?? I wouldn't monogram mine though...I don't like it that much personally.
  8. I just got the large tote in khaki/vermillion, do you think I could get away with getting the small tote in black/silver as well? I just love it! Or should I save my money and get a bag that's a very different style? Thanks gals!
  9. Totally! they look so different

  10. I still think the monogram is ugly..but I saw the gold stripe at Macy's in NY and it was beautiful!
  11. The black and silver is gorgeous!!
  12. I like the black & silver too, I'll have to pop down my local stores to have a look. The size is just right for textbooks and stuffs too! Hurray!
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