New color Biscuit...

  1. Okay, still can't search (unless I am missing it), so I thought I would just post.

    Does anyone have info. on this color and it's availability? :confused1:

    I saw a photo of AAN's Biscuit Birkin and it's stunning!! (thank you Katel for sharing!:flowers:)

    Does anyone else have any Biscuit H??

    And lastely, does anyone know if the Victoria will come in a Biscuit Clemence?

    Sorry! So full of questions this AM!! :girlsigh:
  2. Technically yes. Hermes seems to make all new colours in basics like Clemence and now, Swift. In reality, it's still too early to say for sure.
  3. Thank you MrsSparkles, I knew you'd have the answer!! ;)

    I guess I will need to be very patient and wait and see! :girlsigh:
  4. i saw the biscuit swatch in swift and its gorgeous! it's darker than parchemin but lighter than gold. it's kinda in between. so fresh!
  5. Preppygirl, here is my swift Birkin in full sun next to gold clemence for comparison, I think clemence would look very nice in biscuit and would suit a Victoria very well.

    Have you seen a new colour called something like 'poussiere'? (I think it translates as 'dust', lol) it's another lovely-looking neutral, I've only seen it in a swatch so far.

  6. AAN, thank you so much for the photo!! I am having a drool fest over here!! :drool: Your Birkin is stunning in swift!! I just love the smoothness of Swift. Your Picotin is lovely too...just love that horsey reference of that bag!!
    I spoke to H today about getting a Victoria in biscuit!! :yahoo: I decided that I was going to pass on an everyday Birkin in "camel" and go for black togo instead. The corner and dirt issue was bugging me...that, and not getting the exact shade of 'camel' that I was looking for!!

    But, biscuit seems to be the color that I had in I am planning on a second, non-everyday bag in this color...Victoria! ;)

    I haven't heard/seen the 'poussiere' yet...but I did learn about 'saffron,' which is also a goldy-camel, but not as dark as gold.