New collection?

  1. Does anyone know when YSL (and other brands) will release their new stuff?
    Thank you
  2. recently listed some preorders of new stuff that are expected to ship in August.
  3. has a ton of new bags that were just posted today.
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  4. I pre-ordered the taupe "V Flap monogram medium envelope chain shoulder bag w/ gold hardware" on NM with the $500 maygc code and 15% cashback yesterday. It says it won't ship later than 9/24 though. Has anyone ever preordered before, and have you ever had your item ship way before the expected date? Waiting for maybe 5 months is torture! But the deal was too good to pass up.
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  5. I haven't pre-ordered. But I can say, that a few pre-order YSL bags that I had on my wishlist from NM and Saks, were showing as not available until the end of May. But they actually became available and in store so that I could go look at them, the first part of April.
  6. What a great deal! Yes, I have preordered a Gucci Disco from Neiman Marcus before. I preordered it around October of last year, it said it would ship April 2018, but it ended up shipping the beginning of December. I was so happy it shipped early.
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  7. Thanks ladies! I'm hoping it comes within the next month but that's wishful thinking lol. it's the perfect color for summer! Yes, the 15% cashback was killer!!
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  8. Just wanted to update that my preordered ysl item came the end of May instead of sept!
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