New Collection - What I've seen in Brussels

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  1. Quick report on the new collection items I've seen in the Brussels shop that carries Balenciaga. I'll only write about the ones I can clearly remember. The great thing is all the bags are on display in the shop, so you can touch them and check what the leather is like.

    A black courrier: the leather was VERY shiny. I found it Huge, even though I am a very tall person. It is definitely a travel or diaper bag.
    Cities 2006: black, greige, sapin. The Black was very matte and I almost fell for it, but it looked a bit dry too, so I decided to hold until I go to Paris. The greige was disappointing: extremely wrinkled, with deep pleats in it.
    Works: LilacSSS (at least four of them), sky blue
    One Bordeaux Twiggy. Where the hell did this one come from? It looked all dusty and dry, almost discolored. The aspect of the leather did not convince me.
    Clutches (3)
    Compagnons and coin purses.
    Various firsts

    I was not too impressed about the choice available though, so I'll wait until I can get to the Paris boutique to (hopefully) have more choice in clors and styles combinations...

    So disappointed about the greige I've seen, it was really not as nice as the pictures I have seen on this forum... :cry: And they had no box :cry::cry: or city in the color I want... *sigh*
  2. Thanks Betises! What's the name of the store? Also, can you remember what colour compagnons they had?
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