new Cognac spy

  1. damn why did i have to wait so long?! amazingly beautiful! i dont think this will be my last one!

  2. queenbee, Your bag is Gorgeous, So stylish and the colour is so rich! :heart: Loves It:heart:
  3. Oooh fabulous bag!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous:love:
  5. I:heart:this color!!! Enjoy it, dear!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats on your new Spy! It's a beauty!
  7. Absolutely stunning, congrats!
  8. wow, it looks fantastic!!! cognac is such a great color choice!
  9. Gorgeous!!
  10. Beautiful!!! You will love her so much and that you will smile and talk to her LOL!

    Congrats!! I just got the black one too!! I will post tonight! Woohooo!
  11. WOOOOWWWW!!! That is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. And many more!!!
  12. Congrats, it's a stunner! People usually say they don't like the spy at first but once you own one then you fully appreciate the beauty of the design and texture of the leather.
  13. Lovely! Enjoy!!
  14. WOOHOO! Congrats, she is a beauty!!! You will now be hooked and want another color by tomorrow :shame: :yes:
  15. shes gorg - and you're right it wont be your last one. Bit like pringles in that once you start you cant stop!!!