New coffer owner with questions!!!

  1. Hi ladies - well, I took the plunge and listened to those of you who said you love, love, love your coffers! I received my plum coffer today (large size) and have a few questions. First, does the bag relax at all after use? Mine seems kind of stiff??? Also, i seem to like it carried by the braided strap better - the long strap seems so....long. Any way to shorten it? I feel like I'm carrying a briefcase! I do have some bigger bags - but this just seems...bulky? Am I just not feeling the love? Did you all love yours immediately? Thanks so much you guys! I really appreciate your responses. And, the lock seems to work quite easily.
  2. Miu2 has posted some threads about how to shorten the strap and from what I hear, it works really well. Do some searches and you're bound to find them.

    If you're just not feeling the love, it might not be the right bag for you. I don't have one yet but I'm going to get one hopefully in the near future! I'm 5'2 and when I tried the lrg one in the store, it didn't overwhelm me and I don't like toooo big of a bag.
  3. I know what you mean about how stiff it looks now. Mine was exactly the same when newly bought. Now that my bag has been broken in, its 'fat' looking when it is sitting and beautifully rounded and relaxed when slung over the shoulder (don't know how to describe it). I love it!! Make it love love love love it! :smile:

    I use the braided strap 98% of the time too. I only ever use the longer strap when I hve to carry so many other things which is not often.
  4. If it's the new distressed leather, you may be the one to answer your question on that. I've not seen that many people on the board that have the distressed leather bags yet since it's a new release for spring.

    On the strap/handle question, I absolutely HATE messenger length straps!! I have several bags with both handheld and detachable shoulder straps, but those are much shorter than the Coffer messenger strap. That said, mine stays tucked away in the front pocket and I use the braided handle exclusively as a shoulder strap.

    Perhaps if I traveled or lived in a large city I'd use the messenger strap for crossbody purposes, but not an issue for me now.

    I also hate the look of the Coffer with the messenger strap dangling off it, if it's not being used. That's why I took mine off. I tried using the shortening method, but it still looked sort of sloppy to me. Apologies to you guys that use them or shorten the messenger, but this is my take on it. I equally HATE seeing women walking around with their Birkins and Kellys flopping open unlatched, or as I've told several people: it's like seeing a beautifully dressed woman with her slip or her bra straps hanging out. :yucky:
  5. You ladies are the best....thanks so much for all of your replies. I took her out for a spin today and she won me over....I took the messenger strap off and it changed my whole much better. Not sure if I will use that in the future or not. But, the color is so beautiful - I think she's a keeper. The leather is sort of "rough" to the touch, but I am hoping it relaxes beautifully. I do not know how to post pictures (every time I try it says that they are too big), if I figure it out I will post. Again, thanks so much...your replies really do help. Can't wait to hear from others who purchase this one. :flowers::heart:
  6. My Coffer definitely relaxed over time. I love her smush factor now!

    As far as the messenger strap goes, when I'm not wearing her messenger style, I'm wearing her on my forearm and I drape the messenger strap OVER my forearm just next to the braided strap. I don't like when long straps dangle but I do like it draped over my arm so its not hanging down by my knees :p BUT, I must say, I love wearing her messenger style when I'm running around in the city... love it!
  7. I head pseub had her miu miu bow satchel shoulder strap shortened at Saks before. Maybe she would be able to give you more info.
  8. Just want you to know that the Coffer ABSOLUTELY softens with use!! My blacky just gets softer and softer with each day that I use her!! So, just use her as often as possible and you will end up with a very soft slouchy bag!! :love:
  9. and I got a used one on eBay (yess,authentic,thanks to miu2 !) which was already so soft,and an easy of the advantages of getting a second-hand bag,lol,:idea:
  10. Another new owner here! :wlae:

    Well, I also just got one pre-owned and because there are no cards, I have to guess it's a Noce. The leather is broken in and sooooo incredibly soft! I love it!

    I would like to ask advice and I couldn't find anything definitive in the searches: There is some darkening and I knew I liked the look but is there anything out there I can use to remove some of it so I can add my own darkening? :smile: