New Coffee Flavor At Pinkberry

  1. Pinkberry has OFFICIALLY announced that its new flavor is coffee... I want to know what everyone thinks about it (after he/she has tried it of course!)
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  3. i registered at this site, just so I can tell about how nasty the new coffee flavor is. I am a pinkberry fanatic and this flavor tastes just...weird. I'm not feeling it. I'll stick with the plain. :tdown::wtf:
  4. Haven't tried it, but coffee doesn't sound very appetizing to me. Originial all the way!! (w/ bananas)
  5. wow.. thanks for doing that.. its kind of funny!

    I guess ill just taste it.. but its nice to know your opinion!
  6. hm that sounds.. interesting..
    maybe i'll try it the next time i go to pinkberry
    but i've recently been sucked into red mango's world lol so i dont know when my next visit to pinkberry will be hehe
  7. i want to try it