New Coco Cabas

  1. When will be in the stores?
  2. If I'm not mistaking I believe in late Nov.
  3. My SA said it would be early Jan:confused1:
  4. The SAs in singapore say mid Nov and usually USA will get it ealier than Asia.
  5. Nov.
  6. Can anyone post a pic of the new coco cabas, please??
  7. My SA at Neimans in Mich got me 4 of these her shes number is --248-6433300...or her cell-248-6351745
  8. I forgot to give you her name lol....Barbara Gorge AT Neimans her cell is 248-6351745 or the store number 248-6433300.....ext 2181
  9. The baby Cabas isn't even in stores yet. How did you get 4, unless you're refering to the regular Cabas currently out.
  10. Same thoughts...
  11. There were 2 baby Cabas at the Neiman Marcus trunk show in blue and bronze. But they wre only for the trunk show and had to be ordered. If you are looking for a specific color, you can call me at 415-362-3900 ext 2166 and I will be more than happy to see if Neiman Marcus ordered it and if I can still place an order for you. (My name is Christine, btw)
  12. Hi Christine

    I presume u are working for NM (Chanel counter)...
    I've got a few queries..& I hope u can furnish me with the info :

    1) Are the baby cabas in deerskin or calfskin?
    2) Which size(s) do they come in? How much smaller/bigger compare to the
    previous one (previous range come in Large/XLarge)
    3) The location of yr store u are working in???
    4) The price of the new cabas

    Thk u so much..
  13. Dleesy, you from Singapore too? I went to the Chanel (Singapore) on Friday, and the SA said that the queue for the baby cabas is very long, so there's practically no chance of getting it. I think you'll have to get if from the US...
  14. I pre-ordered the black and the bronze through the Mad-Av Store....It seems they may get them in sooner than they thought....
  15. omg i'm dying to get a baby cabas!!! can anyone in new york recommend a good new york SA i could call to place an order???

    thanks so much!