New coating on lambskin?

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  1. I was at saks today and saw the dark white/ivory boy bag with ghw from prefall. I am such a sucker for ivory, but was super nervous about such a light color esp in lambskin. The SA mentioned that lambskin now has a special coating to make it more durable. It felt the same to me but I did not have another older lambskin to feel it side by side.

    I was wondering if anyone else heard this or was my SA trying to make a sale. I ended up passing on the bag because I would prefer the boy in small or as WOC (and she only has the old medium size). Please also let me know if you you've seen them in those sizes. Thanks!!
  2. I was wondering about the lambskin myself..., I have older lambskin bags and recently purchased the Urban Spirit backpack, lambskin, large, in black quilted. I do think the finish on the lambskin is different than my older bags. I had heard that this new lambskin version is more durable. Personally, I try and stay away from all light color bags, lambskin or caviar.