New Coat for my HAC...back from trip....

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just came back from a Carribean cruise with my family and YOU KNOW....always have to BUY SOMETHING....souveniry (sp??):graucho: . Well let me tell you, there was no Hermes boutique by me, so I was on the hunt for silver, gold, or Tanzanite?? This is what I came back with....couldn't find anything jewelry, so missing my Hermes bags, I was thinking about them:crybaby: ....No micky mouse ears either!

    gina_b had recommended this...Longchamp Pilages, in XLg (I just found out on the back of the leather flap that this was the XL....I thought I bought the Lg, so I'm ready for the Birkin 35cm in the future:smile: ) My hubby was happy for me b/c one, this was at the duty free store, so I saved tax, and this was 25% off. He said I could probably fit both HAC and Kelly in here.




    So the HAC 32cm bag fits perfectly with handles standing tall at ATTENTION! I can even fit a jacket or magazines inside....probably have to put the dustbag with it too!

    The bottom picture is of the John Hardy pendant I bought....HUBBY NOTICED that the top of the box was Orange...similar to the Hermes box color....he said "wow, that looks like Hermes, no wonder you like their jewelry:rolleyes: "...I never noticed.

  2. I love it! Wow, not a bad deal at all for that Pilages bag. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is very smart:idea: ... I applaud your idea!:nuts: (and may use it!):yes:
  4. I've been looking into purchasing one of these bags. You can custom order these through their website and have your initials printed on them. I'm thinking of purchasing one for travel.
  5. You mean the HAC?:nuts: ...:lol: (just kidding...they are available at Saks and Longchamp has a store re-opening on madison and 64? st.... I just never realized how great they would be for this (bag-in-bag) purpose!
  6. Hi avandome, This was recommended by gina_b in her gina takes manhattan thread. I just wanted to post this purchase, b/c I think it was a great idea and price-wise I HOPE WAS A GOOD BUY? Last time I traveled with my HAC, I put her in a little roll suitcase with her dustbag and felt so silly. This way it might protect it from dirt or airplane germs :smile:
  7. I think this idea is great! thank you for posting. I missed Gina's thread somehow. You have given me inspiration!
  8. What great pictures! You could get quite a few H items in that tote!!
  9. Thanks for sharing ! Now I think I will get a Pilage XL for my 35cm Birkie, perhaps it can also fit a 40cm ? then it'll be GREAT !:yes:

    Bagg, I ordered one last summer on their website, it's so cool that you can custom a bag you want in so many color combination, hardware, and monogram it !

    I have one in Med (can fit a 30cm Birkie) with short handle, medium pink with sky blue strip with the middle and my daughter's name and initial on it, I thought it was very unique, and not so expensive, $110 or $120 plus $40 for shipping, and took about 6 weeks !

    Now I want one in XL with my son's initial with a darker shades for boy !! ;)
  10. NewHermesLover,

    Well... when I skim the title I thought you bought a coat to complement your HAC... A REAL COAT... I didn't expect a longchamp bag... hehehe...

    Well that's a nice coat there you got for your birkin ;)
  11. That's funny Wellow - I was only thinking for my Hermes, only the best Coat for her :lol:

    LOVE THAT THING - That's good to know your prices. If anyone is going to the Carribean all the Longchamp was 25% off their bags (leather and non-leathers). Maybe check at any dutifree shops, too.

    There was a really cool Longchamp bag there that was brown and the middle zipped opened to expand bigger with a shade of orange. It was shaped like the HAC bag, tall instead of wide? Almost bought this, but thought it would be an overkill for my HAC bag :smile: