New coat each winter?

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  1. Every year the coat designers seem better than the previous year. But do we really need to buy a new one? Won't last year's coat still be in good enough shape? I am tempted but I will not do it! I'm mostly tempted by S.w.o.r.d. and Mike & Chris leathers. But I will make last years leather jackets work as that extra money will go toward my J12!:tup:
  2. I tend to get a new one almost every year but Yay to saving up for your J12. That's an awesome purchase.
  3. i also have a nwe one almost every year, but i still wear some classic black coats which were more than 3 years old.
  4. I have a huge coat fetish. Over the years I've amassed so many I can probably wear a different one every day in december!
  5. me too. I buy at least a couple every year. I probably have at least 30 and I try to give the ones i don't wear away. I just bought a leather one today actually!
  6. OMG! I love coats and have quite a collection. It's not so much getting a new coat every year, but adding to the collection. I actually just got a Miu Miu, that was on sale (after all it was July) In my mind, sometimes all people actually see of your outfit is the coat, shoes--so it's got to be fabulous. In the fall, I really concentrate on "wrappings" coats, shoes, scarves, gloves!
  7. Another coat collector here. I buy 2 or three winter coats each year but continue to wear ones from other years. The trendy ones I donate the following year (usually), and all the classic ones last for many many seasons.
  8. I always buy new coats each year lol I can't help it. I'm always liking something new. But I still have old coats that I love and could never part with that I will be wearing as well. =)
  9. I bought two new winter coats toward the end of the season (in March) when they were almost 90% off! I am looking forward to wearing them!
  10. I used to be a coat/jacket fiend, but I've scaled back in the past few years more so because my closet couldn't handle it anymore:rolleyes: I've managed to whittle it down to a handful of classic wool coats, and down/fleece stuff.
  11. I always get new jackets in the winter. I have kept the same north face denali and ski jacket though for 3 years. i love both. i get new bombers though from hollister or abercrombie and lighter north face fleeces.
  12. I usually get new coats for winter. But, I'm in Canada and it's cold so long that it's really important.
  13. I usually buy 2-3 new coats each year & donate 1-2 a year. Here's the thing, during the winter sometimes my coat is the only thing people see (other than my bags or shoes), so I like to have a variety of outerwear.
  14. i usually get a new one every year because i have a big thing for cute coats :smile:
  15. You sound very reasonable but for some reason I can't resist buying jackets/ I am running out of space for them all....

    I live in Canada...70% of the year people see mainly my coats/jackets so thats what I invest in.....PLUS handbags ofcourse!