New Coach Turnlocks

  1. I contacted a seller I currently use to get my Coach parts from. I asked them if they are trying to get Legacy Bag Turnlocks for the new Coach lines. They are going to let me know if they find a source. They have been looking high and low. I told them they would have the market cornered!

    I just can't believe Coach can't replace these turnlocks. They should not have sold these bags without having thousands of replacement turnlocks in stock.

    Has anyone asked Coach if they have replacements?
  2. I wsa told that they have replacements but they cannot repair. God knows what that means...
  3. Yeah, no kidding. Why on earth would they have replacements if they can't actually perform the repair? :confused1:
  4. How are they breaking? Are they falling off at any given time or when you are using them? I haven't been using the pockets much for fear of breaking, but one of the features of the bag is the front pockets!
  5. I have barely been using the front pockets on my shoulder bags for the same reason. I don't want the turnlocks to break, so I basically don't use them. But the whole idea of the shoulder bag are those front pockets! :crybaby: I'm deathly afraid of them breaking and not being able to replace my bag.
  6. now i'm getting scared too . . . it's unfair to pay so much for a bag that can atually 'break' at any moment.
  7. I'm nervous about using my scarf print zoe and gold and black madison cause of the turnlock. :sad:
  8. Honestly it has me considering buying a second bag of the same color as a backup. I'm just nervous that they won't have the bag anymore if mine really does break. :crybaby: It's my pond shoulder bag that's worrying me.
  9. That sounds like something I would do!! I am not worried at all about my Legacy Shoulder Zips because I have never even used the turnlock on the front of those (I have no use for the front pocket). However, I recently fell in love with the Shoulder Flaps and the turnlock has to be used everytime you get in and out of the bag. It's making me very nervous.
  10. Yep, and what makes me more inclined to do it right now is that 25% off. :hrmm:
  11. I don't use the turnlocks much on my shoulder bags either after hearing about all the problems people have been having. I sure hope mine stay intact because I love the bags so much.
  12. No way would I buy a 2nd bag "in case". Coach should stand by their product and if they have "defective" turn locks, should fix them.
  13. I've had those turnlocks break on other brands. I just don't think they're any good.
  14. I did that for my whiskey shoulder bag and SO glad I did. Because they couldn't repair my bag (different reason than for the turnlock) AND at that time they were all soldout. I ended up getting a credit letter and a new bag, in addition to my "in case" whiskey shoulder bag. I got lucky with that one, and it's because Coach *does* stand by their product that I got a credit for a comparable bag.
  15. ahhhh...I got the feeling people were saying that not only do the locks break and Coach won't fix it, they can't return the bag for a new one. That's why I said they should stand by their product. Thanks for setting me straight. :smile: