New Coach Test Bag

  1. I saw the new pilot/test bag that the Dillards in NorthPark Mall (Dallas) is testing.

    It was a tote bag and it was the same material as the Burberry Nova Check or those Dooney IT bags. It was brown signature and red and it had the Carriage symbol that you see on the Bleeker bags, but it was in red and stamped in the upper middle part of the bag. The stamped Carriage symbol was also very large. The tag on the bag was orange and white. It reminded me of the vintage Gucci totebags and I really did not care for this bag. IMO it was really ugly. I was going to sneak and take a picture but the section is very small and the bags were right in the front. I did get the seriel numbers but they are not in the drilldown.

    11350 and 113531
  2. Thanks for the info. Doesn't sound like a bag that I would have to have.
  3. That doesn't sound too cute......
  4. Hmmm...I am having a hard time visualizing this. I will have to go over to Dillards and check it out!

  5. If you are in Dallas go to the Dillards at NorthPark mall and you will see it in the front. They are testing the bag at this store.
  6. They are also coming out with a coated canvas bag as well, evidently a few are out and about somewhere. They were talking about it at my Coach store yesterday.

    And Dillards has a raisin swingpack and a raisin wristlet out as well. Didnt like either, saw those yesterday too.
  7. Northpark, eh? That's like 15 minutes away from me! I'll have to go check it out.. ^^

  8. Let me know what you think
  9. OH, I hope someone can get a picture...I'm having trouble imagining this one!
  10. Interesting..
  11. A coated canvas bag!! I love the idea of this. Can't wait to see it. I have a coated Kate Spade Baby Bag and a Coated Dooney and Bourke. I love both. They are so easy to keep clean. I can't wait!!!
  12. I'm really going to need to see it... really bad at visualizing something that sounds like that!
  13. I hope someone can snag a pic of the coated canvas. I'm really interested in that! Should be light weight and great for any weather!
  14. Has anyone had any luck snagging a picture of this bag? Sounds interesting...
  15. I wont lie, I think that the canvas is hideous!