New Coach Tattersall Ponytail Scarf!

  1. I was walking by the Coach store the other day and thought of it, and had to pop in and get it-- I'm really hoping it'll look good on my new Hermes bag. Here she is-- and a modeling shot of it as a headband with my ponytail pulled back. To use Coach scarves as headbands I criscross bobby pins over the scarf and through my hair behind my ears, works like a charm! You can also put one of those stretchy elastic headbands under it, that helps keep it in place. But I usually use them as a ponytail scarf or I tie them on my bags, this tattersall is actually really cute with LV canvas too! The pic of the scarf is taken with the pic of my new ponytail scarf from Tiffany's (a lovely RAOK), here ya go ladies! :yahoo:



  2. I fell in love with that scarf the first time I saw it and bought it during last PCE. I love the tattersall print!! I love your Tiffany scarf, too!!
  4. The manager at my Coach store had it tied to her neck it was SOOOO cute! I want it to do that but I don't think I could pull it off.

  5. :nuts::nuts: That is sooo cute! Im starting to reallly get into head scarfs, I might have to fly by the coach store.....
  6. Razorbackbelle0: The tattersall scarf looks great in your hair! I wish I could wear it like that but I have, ahem, issues with my forehead and am terrified of Botox:wtf:.

    I have to say, I think I love the Tiffany scarf even more. I know you said it was an RAOK gift (awesome gift!!), but does anyone know what they sell for?
  7. Look up "scarf" on :graucho: I didn't even know Tiffany MADE scarves! They have it in Tiffany Blue and silver too.
  8. L@@K At You RBB ~ You Are So Beautiful ~ Love The Coach Tattersall Ponytail Scarf!!! :heart:

  9. It's only $50......I have one in the Tiffany blue but would love to have the black as well!!

    That tattersall ponytail scarf is really cute too!!
  10. Hmm, yeah, I :heart: that scarf. Might need to get it...
  11. very cute, i love the tiffany's scarf too!
  12. i must admit i am i love with the tattersall everything i was never one for plaid before (expect for when burberry came out with the blue check items ) but wow i love how coach has introduced this print i am very much addicted in that i will be picking up the tattersall pouch and i saw that scarf in the coach catalog and after seeing it again here i must admit i will be picking it up .. u sold me on it .. u have great style but how much exactly does the scarf sell for ( i find i sometime have trouble reading what price goes with which in the catlogs ) ?
  13. Oh! I was just looking at this on the Coach website today, wondering if I should get it to wear in my hair. Thanks for the demo picture, it's really useful to other ladies thinking of getting it - like in the Ponytail Scarf thread.
  14. It's $38 at Coach...

    ...and my mom already confiscated it :cry: She and my dad stayed at my house this weekend and in the morning she came out for breakfast and my SO said "nice scarf" and I turned around and she had it in her hair... she's bad about that LOL ... requisitioning my Coach stuff....
  15. It's $40 CAD when I got mine.

    My mom fails to see my things as nice and want to borrow it unless its shoes.:p