New Coach store in Vancouver (Canada)!

  1. I'm sure all the other Vancouverites on here know this already but I thought I'd mention it in case they don't. There's a new Coach store opening in Oakridge Centre...on June 23rd!! Yippee!

    I think it's hilarious that there are now going to be just three stand-alone Coach stores in all of Canada and TWO of them are within about 10km of each other in Vancouver.
  2. WOW!!! We must have a lot of coach-loving Vancouverites, lol... I woud think they would open one up in Alberta instead?
  3. Well, considering the number of Coach bags I seem to see here, I suspect that Vancouver is probably the biggest Coach consumer on the planet :biggrin: . Especially at Oakridge, it seems everyone and their dog has a Coach bag.

    (As an aside - congrats on the BSc! I'm at UBC, too, working on my PhD).
  4. A brand new Coach just opened up last week in Oakridge Centre here in Vancouver (Canada).

    (Un?)fortunately, it's located in a mall that I go to regularly so this could be very dangerous. Anyway, it's a bit smaller than the downtown Vancouver store and doesn't get everything that the downtown one gets.

    They had all of the Signature Stripe line, as well as the Soho signature patchwork stuff (I fell in love with the small hobo with crimson snakeskin!), Mia satchels, Soho signature and leather totes, the Scarf Print totes/demis/hobos (but they didn't seem to have the camera bag, file bag or swingpack in that line), a ton of regular Hamptons weekend totes (but no Taffy), and I think all of the assorted patchwork and tie dye stuff.

    Oh, and they had the Graphic signature swingpacks in black/black, khaki/white, and khaki/vachetta but were sold out of the khaki/gold. I was carrying my khaki/gold swingpack and 4 separate people came up to compliment me on it and say how lucky I was to get one (I got the last one at the downtown store a couple of weeks ago). They were saying it's pretty much sold out everywhere.

    I picked up the Signature Stripe wristlet in brass/khaki/crimson and the little owl keychain. I :heart: them both!



    The keychain was a last minute buy at the counter when I suddenly remembered that I should get two things (because of the units per sale thing). I let my two year old choose between the owl and the monkey and he chose the owl. I'm teaching him Coach appreciation young :biggrin: .

    Oh, my SA was Anita and she was great! Very helpful and friendly. She made sure they had my email address and promised that she'd phone me when new stuff comes in (I'll be surprised if that actually happens, though, but it'd be nice - maybe I'm on my way to getting one of the coveted 25% off preferred customer coupons).
  5. oh it's nice to see another PFer that teaches her son about the appreciation of Coach..LOL & I thought I was the only one. His dad gets mad, but what can I say he's with me all day & I love to shop & yes for purses. I'm glad you have a great & helpful SA. Are you planning on using her only? That way you can form a bond w/ her & she'll hopefully give you the hook up.
  6. I envy you for getting the graphic swing pack in gold. I so wanted to get that bag but they were sold out here in Toronto and I didn't even think about calling the Vancouver store. D'oh! I settled for the new monogram swing pack in mohagany but I don't know if i'm feeling it. I'm still very confused. I got the monkey keyfob though b/c my 16 month old son is a total monkey.
  7. LOL! I love that, "Coach appreciation". I'm currently in the process of teaching my SO that ;] Love the new wristlet, thats the one I want! And the owl is adorable :heart:3 Good thing that new COACH store, now we can all drool over your future purchases, lol! ;]
  8. Yup, you've gotta get them early. He's been shopping with me since he was only a few weeks old. He was born in winter (rain rain rain), which meant there wasn't much to do here other than hang out at the mall for entertainment. Now he'll ask me when we get in the car "Going shopping, Mommy?".

    Haha, sounds like my drug dealer. Although, I guess I am addicted to Coach so it's fitting. Anyway, yes, I'm hoping she'll remember me. Luckily, the kid usually makes such a huge impression (he's a big flirt with all the SAs in stores :biggrin:) that even if they don't remember me, they ALWAYS remember him. That should come in handy, hehe.
  9. I love that swingpack that you got! They didn't have those yet when I got mine otherwise I might've considered it. But I really :heart: my khaki/gold one.

    And LOL about the monkey - I was kind of hoping he'd choose the monkey since that's what I always call him.
  10. LOL, I've given up trying to teach the husband to appreciate anything related to handbags, clothes, shoes, makeup, I'm starting in on the kid instead. Luckily the husband wears whatever I supply for him so I can at least keep him looking good even if he has no interest in shopping :rolleyes: .

    (Just realized I should've put all three of these replies in one post...oh well, too late!)
  11. bless your family dear :biggrin:
    awwwWwwwwwwWwwwWwww that owl key chain!!!! waaaaay too cute to be true!! loooool :roflmfao: its really lovely!! glad you remembered it!! :yes:
    and i believe you got the greatest color of that wristlet too :love:
    great buys.. enJoY :flowers:
  12. ^^^ Thanks Vanilla_Addict! I love the owl keyfob and my son keeps pointing to it and saying "There's the owl!". He's very proud of himself for picking it. Hopefully it'll translate to lots of Mother's Day gifts from Coach many years from now ;) .
  13. I love love LOVE the little owl! It reminds me of a character off of Animal Crossing, one of my other current addictions outside of Coach. :smile:

  14. ^^^ I just Googled "Animal Crossing" (because I'd never heard of it before) and it sounds like fun! I'd better stay away...I'm already addicted to tPF as it is :Push: .