New coach store In shanghai WITH LIMITED EDITION?

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  1. Coach To Open First Mainland Flagship Store In Shanghai

    January 27, 2010 | By Editor | Print | Email
    The American luxury accessories designer and maker Coach has announced plans to open its first Chinese mainland flagship store in Shanghai in April 2010.
    Located at the junction of Shanghai's Huaihaizhong road and Songshan road, this new flagship store is designed by Coach's construction and design team. It covers an area of 650 square meters, the two-floor store has two new features: a women's accessories area and a men's boutique series area.
    To celebrate the opening of this flagship store, Coach specially designed a series of limited edition handbags, which are only available in this new store.
    In addition, the company has organized a charity activity named "Star Totes" to coordinate with the opening of this store. Coach has invited celebrities from all over the world to do artistic creations on Coach's handbags. These handbags will be auctioned on the Internet and the income will be donated to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.


    I know its a few months away, but does anyone know if us U.S.ers' haha new word, are allowed to "Bid on it"? Now, I'm wondering how the limited edition bags will turn out :P. Hopefully these are on ebay.....
  2. Well, it might be limited.. but there won't be many left :smile:
  3. This is very interesting...

    I wonder if Coach does more business abroad (speaking as someone who lives in the US) which is why Coach invests more in their special events elsewhere? I mean, stateside, we don't have "events" like this--even when they open a new Flagship store.

    Without sounding overly jealous--which, lets face it, I am--I would LOVE for Coach to have a big event in the US where US Coachies were given the opportunity to snag some really special bags...

    A girl can dream ... :angel:
  4. arnt these the limited maggies and audreys people are already buying and posting confused.
  5. this is kind of what I though! oops, maybe they weren't supposed to sell those... lol Oh well. Anybody want an antique rose embroidered audrey? I sure don't if that's what I'm getting.