New Coach store and surprise!

  1. BF and I went to the new Coach store opening (well, it's a Flagship store that opened up next to the old one) at the Dallas Galleria! I received an email about it a few days ago and figured I'd go sometime this week. Ended up going today and was so glad I did! Guess what I saw hanging on the keychain rack!!?? The Skull Keyfob! I ran to it and grabbed one (like the dork that I am!) and the SA said not to worry cause they had several in the back! Wow! So now my black Mandy can have a cute little accessory!
    So, anyway, the new store was so cool, saw lots of new bags and some of the new jewelry (the Ocelot and Tattersall bangles!), the juniper and raisin colored bags, and one for my wishlist-- the Bleecker Leather Shopper! Gorgeous!
    All in all I'm impressed with the fact that I walked out of there with only the fob! I'm supposed to be on a Coach ban til December so that's pretty good for me :p
  2. Ooo. I'll have to check that store out. They had the skull at the Southlake store today.
  3. OMG! I totally have to check that out! ^^;

    Glad you got something while you were there!
  4. I did not realize that the store had already opened. I also got an email about the location at the Parks Mall but I am not a fan of that mall.
  5. Oh, I was there yesterday. They had lots of cute new things. The SA were nice. I also went to the NorthPark mall and saw the Skull key fob there(I did not see it at the Galleria). My dh made so much fun of it that I ended up getting the embossed dog key fob instead. The SA there ignored my dh. (He went to pay for the fob while I continued to drool-I mean shop). The SA got snootie with him and asked was this all he was getting. She acted like she did not want to be bothered with such a small sale. I guess I should have just purchased the fob at Macy's-the SA there was so nice, but darn I just wanted my cute little Coach box and my purchase wrapped up so pretty!
  6. I saw the skull keyfob at my store in Freehold, NJ on Friday. I was surprised to see it actually! Its not my style, but very cute - they had several of them.
  7. That's so horrible! My fav SA works at the NorthPark store! And I always forget to ask them to wrap my stuff! I guess I don't need that many more boxes :p
  8. there are finally pleanty at mind but before there wasn't any...
  9. Yea, but with the Cheesecake Factory going in and now Coach, I can drive up the street rather than all the way to Northpark. Although, the Northpark people were kind enough to express mail me my Lily out-of-state this week, so I LOVE them.

    I had my first visit to SouthLake last month, I really liked the location since it is less "hectic" than Northpark or The Parks.:roflmfao:
  10. The SAs at Northpark are great! Parking at Southlake can be a pain though,....