New COACH Shoes

  1. Macy's was having a sale, and they had some shoes, so I snatched them up. They were 50% off, so I'm not complaining!! :graucho:

    They had a lot of sandals, flipflops and sneakers on clearance, I was surprised. I wore them already, they are so cute!

    If you live near Macy's, check them out!! ;)

    Pics are attached:
    coachshoes.jpg coachshoes2.jpg
  2. Too cute! I love the big C's!
  3. Congrats! You did some shopping today girl! :yahoo:
  4. They are very cute and at a very great price!!!
  5. great deal! those are too cute
  6. yeah, i couldn't beat $40!!
  7. Adorable shoes! Congrats!
  8. adorable! And it looks like you got a good deal too!!!
  9. So cute! I will have to go check out my Macy's.
  10. I love Coach shoes so much. The day they started carrying my size (11!) was a blessed holy day for me. They are so well made and fit me beautifully. Any time I can find Coach shoes in my size for $100 or less I am a happy shopper.
  11. Congrats! Those are too cute.
  12. Very nice deal! cute!
  13. Cute:yes: Great price, too:wlae:
  14. Waaayyy cute!
  15. Oh man, this post makes me miss working at macy*s SOOO badly. I was always in the back trying on the new stock and always ended up with a couple pairs by the end of the week. :sad:

    GREAT find. Damn I wish I still had that employee's discount!!!