New Coach scarves or accessories??

  1. Anyone know of any new scarves or accessories I can order over the phone??? I feel like I need something different!!
  2. I've been trying to track down that scarf someone posted from a Macy's ad that was tied around that black patent Ergo tote........I think I may have it......I am just about to order it so long as it's available. I hope its the right one because they were soooo confused when I emailed them the pic - like they had never seen it before. When I pointed it out to them that it actually appears tied around a slim tote in the current catalogue they were dumbstruck. They told me it was actually three different scarfs all tied on......until I emailed them the Macy's pic! So this is the style number they came up with...... 98160, stripe ponytail scarf, $38.00

    Who is brave enough to order??????
  3. I'd love to order it but I'd be afraid it wouldn't end up being the right one! EEK! Wish it'd show up on their website! If I do order, I will let you know for sure!