new coach sandals (please excuse my gnarly feet)

  1. so some of you may have seen my thread asking when teh new coach catalog stuff will be in. well, today i walked into the coach store and there were the sandals i was *dying* for! they just came in yesterday. i bought them really quickly, but i don't know...they're so expensive...and i wanted to save up for the legacy tote for my new job over the summer (which is funding all this rash spending...but that is another story for another thread (possibly titled, why i am so poor))

    anyway, here's a pic. please excuse my stinky-looking feet; they've been hiding in boots and sneakers for a few months now. also, please excuse my less-than-immaculate apt (neatness is not my forte) and the late hour (i had to wait for my boyfriend to go to sleep before i could break them out). enjoy!

  2. So pretty! I hope they are super comfortable! They look beautiful on you. Congrats!
  3. are they comfy?
  4. cute! There's another pair that's similar that I want too but I'm not so sure about the price since I prolly wouldn't get to wear it much.
  5. they're pretty comfy bec they're flat. but, since i'm not sure about keeping them, they've been limited to walks around my apt on the carpet, so i don't know about long-term wear. the thong part might get a little uncomfortable, but in my experience all thongs are like that - you have to break them in.
  6. they are very cute, i may look into them now.
  7. Those are cute! I can't wear those (my feet are too wide), so I think they look great on you!
  8. i know they're cute - i adore them - but they may be too expensive. isn't $160 too much to spend on a pair of sandals (hardly even any "shoe" involved - it's like 2 scraps of leather!) that i'll wear for one season?
  9. LOL... I agree, :yes: They are super cute, but $160 is a lot of money for 2 scraps of leather.
  10. So cute!! I can't wear sandls that don't have some kind of back to them to keep my feet in place. Those are FAB!
  11. Girl!! Those are gorgeous!! I'm a sucker for sandals since I can wear them a large portion of the year in Texas. I may have to get those when I take back one of my purchases to the Coach store later!!
  12. how cute! how do they feel between the toe?
  13. there is also the brass hardware on them, which i like because it matches my carly. so i wouldnt mind paying the $160
  14. Thanks for posting the picture! I ordered those sandals last week and they are in route. Love them! :heart:
  15. Those are adorable. I wear sandals all year long - so it would be totally worth it for me!!! Hmmmmm.....:idea: