New Coach Ring

  1. Help I can't find my Coach catalog. I remember there was a white ring with crystals in it. Can someone look and let me now if it has a date for availibilty, item number, and price. I want to call and see what size is the largest. I think it would look incredible on my middle or pointer finger. Thanks so much!!!
  2. It is called the pheobe ring the item # is 94154 it is $48.00 and it says it will be available in february. I love that ring it is so cute!
  3. Oh and it comes in gold/white (shown in the catalogue) and in gold/geranium!I can't wait to try this on!
  4. I love this forum!!! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I'm off to call Jax for the sizes. :tup:
  5. No problem! I had it right next to my computer! :tup:
  6. Well I calle Jax and it comes in 6,7,8. But the real bad part is she said it wasn't in the system yet so you can't order it nad she doesn't know when it will be avoidable. I hope she was one of the CSR's who doesn't know what she is talking about! LOL Oh well, I was really hoping for it to be in tomorrows floor set. :sweatdrop:
  7. I hope it will be out tomorrow too! I don't see why it wouldn't be out because all the heritage stuff says feb and it will be out tomorrow! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
  8. Oh I don't have a catalog and haven't seen this! Anyone have a picture they can post? I was trying to check the Coach site but it isn't loading for some reason.
  9. I looked at this in the red book at my coach store yesterday. My store got the new floor set a week early and they said this ring was a bit away. I WANT ONE TOO!
  10. I really like this ring.