New Coach purchase! Legacy planner with family pics.

  1. I ended up not going to Coach with my friend this weekend. We ended up going downtown with a group of friends after the UGA game (go dawgs!) and having a grand time instead!:graucho:

    BUT. Today my sweet boyfriend went with me to look and I got my Coach planner! The new one with the turnlock, in black. Thank you to the ladies who helped me figure out which one to get!

    I upgraded because the 3x5 was too small even for my hands, to the next size up. It was $178...ouch. I'm on a 100% purse ban until Christmas now...:crybaby:. But my boyfriend told me he'd try to get me the FREAKING LILY for Christmas if he could find one or the Leigh if it came down to it!!!:yahoo: In leather of course, he hates the Signature C's but I love 'em. Sorry I'm off on tangents, I'm just excited, hehehe.

    Anyways, here's the pics! I posted my family of Legacy, and also for maybe a size comparison as well. My purse is full with the planner in which I love, because it doesn't slouch in the middle anymore. And I am totally matchy matchy now.
    legplanner1.jpg legplanner2.jpg legplanner4.jpg legplanner5.jpg legplanner3.jpg
  2. Wow! You have some wonderful and most wanted items there. Congrats and enjoy!
  3. I Love Black Legacy!!!!!! Congrats And Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  4. Ohhh I love your small wallet, I want one so badly!
  5. Beautiful Collection.....making me drool, I discovered some of those pieces when they were no longer available. Awesome choices.
  6. LOVE your bag and her friends...ENJOY!
  7. Oh my......I love your whole collection!!!! And agendas are near and dear to my heart....for some reason I have a thing for planners. Anyway, I LOVE your signature Legacy bag and the gorg wallet!!! And of course, I'm jealous of your new awesome agenda! Enjoy, and congrats on the awesome loot!
  8. I love your planner - I REALLY want that in pink!
  9. I have a punch one in the smaller size and I love it! The black is awesome and very classy!
  10. Nice classy collection! Enjoy it all!
  11. Beautiful collection & congrats on the planner! I love all the matchy matchy accessories b/c they're all classy. Great choices! I have the leather legacy satchel & now I think I want all matchy matchy accessories for her too!!
  12. Congrats!!! Very Cute
  13. wow ! all matchy matchy ! I love all !
  14. Eep I LOVE THEM! lol you're like me, they allll gotta match!
  15. I have that same signature bag. Isn't it fabulous?

    GREAT planner, enjoy it!