New Coach Perfume......

  1. What are you thoughts on this:

    This classically inspired fragrance has a unique blend of soft florals combined with amber, vanilla and precious woods. Together they capture the distinctive style that is exclusively Coach.

    Elegant etched glass bottle with our Signature pattern
    Iconic Coach lozenge shaped bottle top
    Accented with a miniature hangtag
    Presented in a sophisticated Signature patterned foil stamped box
    1.7 oz. perfume spray
    The Coach fragrance is a perfume spray or eau de parfum, which has a higher fragrance concentration than an eau de toilette or eau de cologne. This enables our fragrance’s scent to last or stay with you longer.
    I haven't tried it yet, anyone have it yet or tried it and how's the scent :smile:
  2. I was wondering how it smelled also...
  3. So is this different than the one in the boutiques now? I would love one that was a little deeper than the current Coach fragrance, that one has too many "green" notes and doesn't smell great on me. It does, however, smell fantastic on my best friend. Grrr! LOL
  4. I think it's the same perfume.....
  5. I think its the same too. My SA told me that they are coming out with it in a limited edition bottle soon. It has the C pattern in colors all over it. Cute packaging!
  6. I just got a few samples last time I was in the store and I think its really pretty. It's a little heavy for me as I like very light scents but it's very nice. The Purfume solid lasts a long time and the scent lasts all day!
  7. I have the perfume and get alot of compliments on the scent. I love it.
  8. I am in between whether I like it or not. I have numerous samples, would be happy to send you one for free if you PM me with your contact info. (Again, this does not involve the exchange of $$ so I should be complying with the rules, I hope.)
  9. I have the one released last year (I think Jan/Feb - could be wrong) I adore the scent. For me it is perfect. I also love Armani's Aqua Gio and Burberry Tender touch. I own chanel chance and chanel coco mademoiselle ...but they smell like the pink erasers from jr high to me. Coach scent is my favorite - my own signature scent
  10. It is the same scent but why does the website have the wrong account of the notes in the fragrance??

    The top notes (the first scent you smell when you put it on) are mandarin, guava, violets and lillies, the middle or heart notes are based on a flower called Genet, also contains honey, oranges, and jasmine, and the final , base note is a mix of sandalwood, amberwood and vanilla.
  11. i'm gonna have to check out the perfume!
  12. That's totally why I thought it was a new scent!!! LOL I'm bummed that it's not. The one that's out is just not right for me. :sad: Ahh well. My signature scent is Coco Mademoiselle, which smells AMAZING on me, and I think I might get the new Lolita Lempicka scent as well. But I really DID want the Coach to smell fantastic on me. *sigh*
  13. I've been wearing the Coach perfume since last March. I adore it. Now I need to order that new LE bottle!:tup:
  14. Here's a picture of the new LE bottle...

  15. striking! Do you know how much it is?>

    Hmm I wonder if they will come out with a purse spray with that pattern as well. That would be such a nice pop of color!