New Coach Pastel Scribble Tote!!!

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  1. So, today I walk into the Coach store at one of the malls, and in the corner they have this tiny tote in a scribble print, but in pastels. It is adorable! The style is Hamptons, you know, that shiny material, and it's a tote. I just had to have one, it was so pretty!! I ordered the medium sized tote. It comes with two over-sized bright and dark green hangtags. The large tote was HUGE, so I decided to go a bit smaller. It only cost about $230 with taxes. They had to order it because it's a new style so they only had the small ones, so it should be at my house sometime next week!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. ohhh i am curious to see it! i wonder if it is on the website!
  3. I checked and it's not!!
  4. Ooh! Can you post a pic when you get it? I would love to see it!
  5. I can't wait to get it, I will definately post a pic!
  6. Congratz on the new purse. It feels like Coach has been coming out with something new like every week. Didn't they just have poppies and fish stuff?
  7. I was in the Coach store and I saw the same bags too. Are they the summer line that's coming out soon? No offense... they're really cute totes but they just look too "young" for me. :P
  8. I was just thinking to myself a week ago that I wished Coach woud bring back the scribble.

    No offense Irissy!! I like my bags to be young and fun, you're only young once!!
  9. Very cute!!
  10. That is cute! I love the scribble. I have a scribble tote and wristlet from last year and I love them.
  11. I posted another thread and it has a link so you guys can see the rest of the spring line, thanks to a link from Mariah!
  12. Adorable! what great easter egg colors! What bags had this print besides the tote? Man they really need to have their website have the same things that they have in the store! Don't they know how impatient we all are when it comes to seeing new bags!
  13. They had the tote, wallets, and I saw a large Hobo, but I thought it was ugly.
  14. Thanks for sharing! I checked out the tote picture and altough I am not a tote girl, it has a zipper across the top so that is pretty cool! Can you wear it on your shoulder comfortably and if so how much is it? I may need to make the trip to the Coach store and order one! Wallet sounds really fun too especially if it is one of the small ones, I think I want one of those too instead of the huge checkbook wallets I have always carried. I'm so excited! I love and wear all of those color in the summer.
Thread Status:
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