New Coach Outlets coming to Texas

  1. I heard that Texas has 7 new outlets coming with the next being in El Paso and the next two in Houston. I also heard that they will open in outlet in either Grapevine Mills or Allen in 2009.
  2. That is awesome. I hope they put another here in Oregon. Just the fact that more are going in at other places gets my hopes up!!
  3. Shut Up!! That is so awesome!! Allen is a mere 10 minutes from my house! I can wait till 2009 I guess :p Or maybe i'll hope it's in Grapevine so it's not so close and tempting!
  4. I would prefer Grapevine myself but I have no problem with driving to Allen.
  5. Houston OMG!

    I would be broke all the time :p
  6. wow 2 in houston?? where!?!
  7. I was not able to get any other details. The only thing that she new that El Paso was definetly confirmed.
  8. Coach outlet in Houston? EXCELLENT!!!

    Please please, don't tell my husband. :roflmfao:

  9. lol...I won't tell him if you don't tell mine:graucho:
  10. One Houston Coach outlet will probably be in the Premium outlets they are building in Cypress. The Premium outlet mall is suppose to be huge. The opening will be in Spring 2008. I can't wait. It will only be about 15-20 minutes from my house.
  11. i would be so broke if they put one in Allen. i live 10 minutes from the outlets there!
  12. I DO hope they open one in Allen or Grapevine. The area around here is hopping! We have several outlet malls around. There is one in Allen, and one in Gainesville, and Hillsboro. I even think there's a small one in Denton~~! The coach store would be frequented, believe me!

  13. Deal! :tup: :roflmfao:
  14. Yes!!! I only wish it were sooner! It takes me a whopping 5 minutes to get to Grapevine Mills! And only about 1/2 hour to 45 min to get to Allen (I think)!!! No more 3-4 hour one way Coach outlet trips! My car thanks you for this info!
  15. I would think Allen would be a more likely choice than Grapevine just because the Allen outlets are more upscale, Grapevine has a few good stores, but it's mostly lower end outlets (JCPenney, etc, I know there is Saks and NM, but the majority is lesser outlets)