New Coach Outlet

  1. There is a new Coach outlet opening in Round Rock, TX this weekend.:yahoo: For everyone that lives in the Dallas area this will be better than traveling to San Marcos. It will actually open with a whole brand new outlet mall that is opening just in time for tax free weekend. To bad handbags aren't tax free. :cry: I had already made plans to visit the outlet in San Marcos this Friday, so I will have to check this one out at another time. Maybe Labor Day weekend. The outlet mall will also have Burberry so I am very excited about that also.
  2. Yay! I'll have to go there this weekend.
  3. Sounds cool! I'm sure all the members who live near/in Texas will be excited!
  4. YES! This is probably the closet outlet to me now!! :smile:
  5. I'm planning on going to the new Round Rock outlet on Friday. I'll report back what I see & hopefully buy!:P
  6. Please let us know what they have. I have definetly decided to go Labor Day weekend.
  7. How far is the drive from Plano??
  8. The outlet mall is about 3 hours from Plano, and in my opinion not really worth the drive. If you are going to drive that far you may as well drive a little farther and hit the outlet mall in San Marcos. It is a lot better.
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