New Coach Outlet

  1. Sorry if I'm posting old news but I wanted to let everyone know that I stopped by the Tanger Outlets yesterday between Atlanta and Macon after dropping my son off at football camp. Coach is opening an outlet this month!!! The outlet is on I-75, exit 212, about 35 miles south of Atlanta. It would be an easy stop for those of you making the trip down I-75 to Florida. ;)
  2. Aww man. I thought you were talking about the one rumored to be opening in Tampa. But congrats to you!
  3. hehe. score! driving up to dawsonville is SUCH a pain. (not to mention i got a speeding ticket on 400 on the way to the outlet once:shame:smile:
  4. Yes- Isn't that great!!

    I live up 85 North in Hamilton Mill so actually getting to Dawsonville is not so bad if I go during a weekday. I think I miss most of the congestion where I get on 400.
    As you know, you just have to plan around the traffic and then keep your fingers crossed...:yes:
  5. I didn't mean it's great you got a ticket, I meant it's great we're getting another outlet in ATL.:rolleyes:
  6. i always seem to hit traffic, no matter what. but i just make a day out of it and go to lenox and stuff on the way home. (i live off 20 west)
  7. haha. i knew what you meant. :yes:
  8. I read that too fast and thought it said DOING 400. I was like how in the...then I reread it, lol!

    Congrats to those that will be close to this outlet!
    I wish we had a closer one.

  9. score i know back roads all the way there, we will never have to touch the expressway!!!!!
  10. :tup: Cool!

    I need to call Tanger and get an opening date.
  11. Let us know when you find out the opening date. I'm going to Fla in July so hopefully I can stop on my way. I don't live that far from Dawsonville but I'm too lazy to drive there so I rarely go.


  12. yes do we can make it an event for us all!!!!!!
  13. whoa. you do?! sheesh, how come you didn't help me out last time? lol.

    i smell a coach meetup! :graucho:
  14. I just called Tanger in Locust Grove and the lady told me that Coach is supposed to open "somewhere around the first of July, that's all we know."

    When I stopped by there on Saturday, the windows were covered up with huge Coach signs that said they were opening in June 2007. I could tell there were lights on so it looks like they're in the process of getting the store ready. :wlae:
  15. oh man...but burberry will be opening up in dawsonville...i'm so conflicted. lol.