New Coach on Ebay

  1. I've noticed that a lot of Coach bags for sale on eBay that are listed as NWT or NWOT indicate that there is a black (diagonal) line marked inside zipper compartment of bag to prevent fraudulent department store returns. I've never seen this before? Are these marks that the department stores put on the bags or do the eBay sellers put them on the bags? What do they look like? Would it prevent anyone here from buying the bag? I don't know what to do...:shrugs:
  2. I think some of these might be from outlet stores that aren't Coach. I know I saw Coach at Off Fifth (Saks) and they had an "X" on the creed patch. I would assume other stores such as Nordstroms would have some way of marking bags that were sold at a discount so they couldn't be returned for full price.
  3. hmm yeah usually when you find these bags with a marking on the tag or just the tag plain cut in half, it usually means they were found at a store other than Coach at a highly discounted price.
  4. I would suggest you go through the same process of questioning authenticity because I have found handbags at places similar to Marshals claiming authenticity but its questionable. Stores similar to these kinds will cut tags or slash through the brand name which my I assumed they were copies of the authentic but legally could not be sold unless marked. It makes sense so the items are not returned for full price. I keep learning on this website!!
  5. Nordies was doing that at the Rack. I was looking at the Kors bags a while bag & it just turned me off.

    Maybe we should tell them about UV markers?
  6. You know what, I bought some shirts from Ross that were from Express and it did have the label crossed off but I just thought that's what companies do when they sell their items to stores like Ross...??? Who crosses out the labels then???
  7. I think you guys are right. This was probably a mark made by the store before it was shipped out to an outlet/discount store. I'm just really picky about my bags. I like them to be perfect. And, even though the mark can't be seen unless you open the bag, unzip the inner pocket and look inside - I don't think I will be happy with a "marked" bag... unless the price was just way too good to pass up.