New Coach Mini Skinny

  1. I just ordered the Mahogany Pat. Mini Skinny and got it in today!!! Its so beautiful :yes: I ordered my mom the tobacco leather one, I haven't opened hers yet! I'm attaching pictures of mine though...
    coach.JPG coach2.JPG
  2. pretty! what else is on that table? looks like a Coach bag and an LV boutique bag! (nosy)
  3. You are right, my dh took me to the LV store Saturday night and got me a damier pocket agenda for my's a picture!!! I thought the coach mini skinny would match my new stuff perfect :graucho:
    I had a black coach bag on the table too that I got at Macys during the summer!!
    damier checkbook1.JPG damier checkbook inside.JPG
  4. The color is so rich!
  5. Coach twins -- I bought that same mahogany patent mini skinny at the Coach store today! I've been stalking it online and was glad to see they actually had one in stock. (The Fair Oaks VA store seems to be getting the short end on new items of late. They were complaining to me about how little they got of the embossed stuff, so I showed them my bordeaux embossed flap wristlet just so they could see how awesome that red color is. LOL)

    I had wanted to get the rose leather legacy turnlock wristlet but they were all out, so I settled for the black signature one instead. What I really still want to buy is the mahogany/brass signature gallery tote, but I haven't paid for the other new Coach stuff I've bought yet (ouch) so I need to really lay off for a bit longer. I hope it's still around in a month or so!
  6. I love the patent mini skinny, your's is really nice! I was going to get blue.
  7. SO PRETTY! the inside is cute too! :biggrin: congrats!
  8. Too Funny!!!! "Coach twins" I just love the color of it and could not wait to actually see it is so gorgeous! I've already got my keys on it. Don't you just love it? :love:

    I like the wristlets but I had a pink signature one that I finally parted with this year, I just got out of using them lately. But who knows when the urge to have one again will hit!! The mahogany/brass signature gallery tote is beautiful!!! You have to tell us if you get it, I want to see the pics :yes:
    I just got a new LV, the damier speedy and I wanted the LV cles but I decided for right now the coach mahogany will match just perfect (and save me some money for my next bag!) I'm already dreaming :shame:
  9. Congrats I bought the blue patent mini a couple weeks ago & love it. The colors are so pretty! I love the grain in the leather on yours it shows really well. Congrats again.
  10. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  11. i have the same skinny too! the choco one!! ( i like to call it chocolate thou, so cute)
  12. Congratulations! I have the same one and love the dark mahogony color. It really goes well with the pinkish lining. Goes well with your daimer too!
  13. I only have one wristlet, one mini skinny, one double kiss coin purse. I am looking for more. I want the medium size duffle coin.