New coach loot!

  1. As I was driving to Pennsalvania today, I stopped at the Haggersburg outlets and found these!

    (sorry for the bad watermarking, it's all I could think of doing in paint LOL) (love this scarf, got this there too!) (it's very roomy, and I couldn't decide between the smaller version of this or not...glad I went with this one :yes: And, for any of you that notice detail, I coated over the serial number on the bag...figured it's bad enough pics get stolen every so often, don't need to throw that out there either ;) )

    and then, I got this for my mom, there was only one left once I got this one, it's for her birthday, which in in August, but, it was such a great deal, I couldn't let it pass me!

    I hope it's roomy enough for her, I know she really liked this in the mini signature, but, she also really liked the braiding...I guess we'll see come August :yes:
  2. Great buys digby! I love that hobo, the material feels so good! I'm sure your moms going to love that shoulder bag. Shoot, I love it! I didnt see those at my outlet though :sad:
  3. what a great gift! I'm sure she will love it
  4. You got the signature flap at your outlet?? I just bought it like 3 weeks ago at the full price store but I used my 25% off coupon. I wish they had signature item at my outlet! Love your choices in bags though..
  5. I love the flap!
  6. DId you mean the Haggerstown outlet? I was just there last week! Too bad nothing popped out or I would've gotten something.
  7. Great choices!
  8. whoops! Thats what I meant! I literally, drove over to PA to buy fireworks for next week and kept confusing the name!! :shame:
  9. yea, I was shocked to see it at the outlet! They had 3 when I walked in, and 1 when I left lol...And I'd seen it at the Macy's next to me about 2 weeks prior, so, it really was just pure luck that I picked this up :smile:
  10. 25% off coupon!!!! How did you get that!?!?
  11. Coach corp. mails coupons every season (I think) that is good for like 5 days. I received one in March & then another one this month that was good from the 7 to the 11. I really don't know how they choose who gets one & who doesn't. I've heard different things from different people. But I was put on the "list" by my SA Kerry @ the Fair Oaks store back in March.
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