New Coach logo in August "O" magazine

  1. If you ladies read Sprinkles fall preview thread, she also mentioned that there was going to be a new "horse-n-buggy" Coach logo this fall. Well as I'm flipping through my August issue of "O" magazine (the one with Oprah in orange sitting on a straw chair) on page 243 there is a spread for and in the spread is a plaid Coach beauty case featuring the new logo and with a gold hangtag.

    My DC sucks when it comes to pics so I've done my best. Hopefully, you ladies will still enjoy them.
    oprahscan.jpg oprahscan2.jpg oprah2.JPG oprah3.JPG
  2. Cute!! Great spread.

    BTW totally OT but kansashalo I LOVE your TGS avatar! youlooksogood!!!
  3. oh I like that, very classic!

    I like that plaid too, it's not too overwhelming, nice for autumn.
  4. ooooh, dont like at all. Waaaaaay to Burberry for me.
  5. oh no...I saw the coat in this fabric last week and its GORGEOUS!
  6. Love the retro COACH logo! I saw the booklet from the Manager's Conference and it shows the Bleeker bags with this retro logo. They look great!!!
  7. Cute...
  8. Oh it's fun! I like it! I also like the wristlet or whatever the heck it is.
  9. hmm i guess the logo is prob. just needs to grow on me..
  10. That's so cute. Thanks for taking the time to share the pic's!
  11. i'd have to see this in person before i made a decision...
  12. ^^ I agree. But it does remind me of Burberry a bit...
  13. Like others have said, its a bit like Burberry. That style is too stuffy for me personally.
  14. Very Burberry. Not sure I like it...
  15. Very cute!