New Coach Lining

  1. When I was at the outlet in Lancaster, there were some higher ups there. The one lady brought out the striped Zoe for me said that Coach is going to be changing their linings to the Legacy Stripe. Not on the outlet line but all their regular lines... Not sure how much is true...
  2. My white/black Zoe clutch has legacy stripe lining. I posted pics in the recent purchases thread.
  3. I hope they don't change the lining! I love the Legacy stripe lining. It's very classy.
  4. False from my knowledge, I know some of the ergo totes had that lining during the pilot at my store but the straw totes alone have the perfume lining and no bags I saw in the update video had striped lining..
  5. Sprinkles,

    Remind me again when the perfume line is hitting the stores? Do you all know yet?
  6. It should hit around March 5th. I am pretty sure the bags should also hit the stores at this time :smile:

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  8. What does the perfume lining look like?
  9. It's pink with Coach written in red (script) and little perfume bottles :smile:
  10. Awww that sounds cute! I can't wait to take a look!
  11. They should have introduced the perfume bags for vday. It would have been perfect.
  12. I agree with Pursefanatic85...

    SO perfect for Valentine's Day!