New Coach Line

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  1. [​IMG]

    I need one of these.
  2. I love the coral colored one! I wonder if it's handles are long enough to wear on the shoulder!!! Yea! Affordable bags, at least I hope these are like the old Coach affordable prices and not the $700 plus ones!
  3. The map bag is very cute, but I wince at the $800 price tag. You could buy yourself a nice LV with that money ...
  4. $800?!?! Forget that! I love Coach, but I love Coach for $400 or less! Your right you could really buy a high end designer for twice that. Well I will just have to get the cute tote you showed us!
  5. I love the map bag. Does anyone know what the pewter color looks like? Is it very metallic? Coach is getting a bit pricey...getting a bit proud of themselves in their pricing scheme. But at least this looks somewhat different than the rest of the line.
  6. coach.jpg

    I attended this event at Coach in Stanford. The most popular bag there was the large bag in this picture. It will retail for about $798.00 if I remember correctly. There will be 3 colors I believe will be white, brown and pewter. The brown and pewter are the same colors as the daphne satchel bags by Coach.

    It was a very nice event. I wish I knew I could have taken pictures.
  7. the big map bag is beautiful, but $800? coach is getting a little big for their britches. i'll take my $800 over to LV. or better yet, save up another $200 and buy a Balenciaga.
  8. Agree with ya 100%!!! Gosh, I can't believe their prices!
  9. Thanks for the color update! I looked at the Daphne and it is a little too metallic for me. I already bought my white bag for the summer, so I may pass on the $800 Coach (and yes, they ARE getting to big for their britches...or their prices). But I do like this little pleated wristlet:

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  10. While I like some of the bags, the price tag for Coach has just really gone up drastically, and I can't really justify buying one of their bags with that tag. I mean, I might as well get a Louis Vuitton ! So much for afforable luxury !

    I saw the new scribble bags at the Coach store today.. cute, but it seemed like everyone else in that store was just looking and not buying as well. Maybe they feel the same about the price tag !
  11. What I'm upset about Coach is paying full price for their bags and then finding out three months later that the bag I purchased at full price is about half price at their outlet. I live only 30 mins away from Gilroy, so from now on I'll just wait and take my chances at the outlet.

    The prices are just going too high.
  12. Cute, but I would not pay $800 for it!!
  13. Mellyjr, what bag is that in your avatar??
  14. Wow, $800? I really like the bag with the pockets, but the price seems so much for a Coach... I thought most Coach bags were below $500?