New Coach Legacy Leather Jacket - in love!

to finzup and PyAri, it's actually a size 12, which I was told is the largest size that Coach made in these jackets. Right now I'm a size 12 on the bottom and about a size 8-10 on the top, I don't know if the pic illustrated my size or not. The jacket is a little snug on me right now, but I'm also a bit heavier than typical due to some bad eating and lack of exercise, so I'm planning on getting back to my average size by fall (size 10). I think that the jacket will fit perfectly then. If you're in my size range though, it can't hurt to try it!


Jul 31, 2006
That is gorgeous and what a great deal! It's a shame I'm 5 months pregnant right now - even if I could find one, I'd never be able to gage if the thing could ever really fit me or not! I will comfort myself in the fact that chances are, something that small would probably NEVER fit me!

It looks great on you though - congrats again!


Loyal Browncoat
Jan 28, 2007
That is definitely a hot jacket. I WISH I could wear Coach jackets and boots, but unfortunately they just don't make them large enough. *sigh*

But congratulations on such an awesome purchase!! It looks fantastic! :smile: