New Coach Legacy Ballet Flats?

  1. My SA let me order these from the new catalog last night (I am assuming they are exactly the same from the first batch).

    Does anyone have these? Are they comfortable? I ask because I have the Nicola flats and quite frankly they are not shoes I can wear for more than a few hours. :sad: Maybe my foot is a bit too wide?
  2. i was on the list for the last time and got a few calls last week (or even before then) about ordering them now. and, honestly, i'm hesitant. i have sooo many coach shoes in my closet and i don't wear ANY of them becaue they're just not comfy.
  3. Thanks Kallison! It is good to know that it is not just me. Surprising, I did find a pair that is awesome. They are the thong sandles that are on sale right now in the stores:

    (No, this is not my auction). They are so comfy that I bought both the gold and the silver; I think they came to $36 with PCE.
  4. really? i have really wide feet and they just didn't work for me. :sad:
  5. ^^ I've got nearly C width feet and have the ones kallison posted...I about live in them.
  6. I also have wide feet and hate that the shoes tend to run narrow. I may just have to break down and get the new Legacy flats, though. They're TDF.
  7. Sorry to double post, but does anyone have the style # for these- and do they run like the normal flats or the rubber-soled ones?
  8. what is the style number for those?
  9. q225, they're named the ladie stripe flats
  10. Oh I ment to say the sandle in the eBay picture!! :nuts:
  11. q169, they're the lindsay flip flops- I am pretty sure they are 99% sold out though :sad:
  12. Overall, I have found my Coach shoes to be comfortable, including my Nicola flats. I guess it just depends on the foot.
  13. Has anyone called JAX directly and been able to order tham yet?
  14. I ordered them from my boutique and got PCE discount on the order.
  15. How did the first batch run- like the Nicolas? Or did you need to get a size up?