New Coach jewelry - when is it available?

  1. I havent been in the Coach forum for quite awhile, so hi everyone!

    Anyways, I saw a catalog recently that showed a black resin type dome ring with crystals/ diamonds on it, and knew I needed to buy it for my boss for her birthday. I"ve been watching the site to order, and its still not there - any idea when I Can buy this???

  2. ok, now that i think about it ,it wasnt crystals, they were little gold "button" type things on it...
  3. Call Jax and inquire :smile:
  4. Is it this one? (this one is also available in black-- I think?)

    That one is coming in February at least... I don't know if it's the one you're talking about but it's the one that came to mind for me.

    Sorry, that's a really crappy picture. It's a photo of a xerox from the catalog, haha.
  5. ^^ I like it.